Nowadays, many individuals face significant mental and physical challenges that disrupt their ability to lead ordinary lives. Unfortunately, effective and plant-based alternatives are scarce. PhytoXtract is committed to changing this by facilitating access to plant-based narcotics as medical solutions, all while promoting the well-being of people and the environment. PhytoXtract contributes in making plant based narcotics more available.

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As one of the pioneering companies in the field, PhytoXtract, with locations in Zurich and Geneva, is lighting the way as one of the first companies to be licensed by Swissmedic for medical cannabis. Adhering to the highest GMP and GDP quality standards, PhytoXtract fosters access, innovation, and research for pharmacies, hospitals, and universities. With complete control over the value chain, from sourcing raw materials by organic farmers to operating its own pharmaceutical laboratories, PhytoXtract ensures the highest quality and traceability. Plant-based narcotics are medical solutions derived from medicinal plants, offering potential benefits for various health conditions.


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PhytoXtract specializes in Swiss cannabis, encompassing cultivation, extraction, formulation, and analysis. We comply with different quality standards, including pharma grade, technical grade, and food grade, and the requirement of GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices), while strictly following the rules and regulations of Switzerland. Our distribution of medical cannabis aligns with the requirements of GDPs (Good Distribution Practices). Our primary aim in the pharmaceutical industry is to provide patients with the best value for money, ensuring access to high-quality and cost-effective medications for their well-being.


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Regarding medical cannabis, the GMP rules apply for manufacturing finished pharmaceutical products and active substances according to the Swiss GMP Guidelines, the EU GMP guidelines, part I (pharmaceutical products) and/or part II (active pharmaceutical ingredients). PhytoXtract, is contributing in manufacturing cannabis-based preparations fully regulated and integrated as part of the swiss pharmacopeia and making these accessible.

The process begins with the plant itself. Farmers must adhere to GACPs (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices) when cultivating cannabis outdoors. These requirements form the foundation of our quality assurance system, guaranteeing impeccable raw material quality. For indoor cultivation, GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) are followed, as it is a manufacturing process. With meticulously selected dried raw materials, PhytoXtract produces pharmaceutical cannabis-based raw materials according to GMPs, as well as extracts and formulations tailored for pharmacies and other entities in the pharmaceutical industry.

We further serve also other cannabis industry needs. Our range of offerings follows a comprehensive quality and tracking system tailored to each grade we formulate in-house for bulk, B2B, white label. We produce high quality CBD/THC ratios in Switzerland, such as extracts, and oils; full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolat.

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Get ready to experience a groundbreaking revolution in the world of plant-based narcotics - Prepare to witness the harmonious combination of cutting-edge science and the wonders of nature, providing a truly transformative and sustainable alternative.

The use of plant-based medical narcotics has gained significant attention in recent years, as the world seeks more sustainable and natural alternatives to conventional medications. These narcotics are derived from various medicinal plants, offering promising therapeutic benefits for a wide range of conditions. One notable example is opium, obtained from the poppy plant, which has long been utilized for pain management. Embracing these plant-based medical narcotics signifies a shift towards holistic healthcare and the exploration of nature's healing potential.

CanMed [DE] : Die ärztliche Verschreibung von Cannabis und die Bestimmung der optimalen Dosierung erfordern einen individuellen Ansatz für jeden Patienten, denn die Reaktionen der Patienten auf Cannabis sind so unterschiedlich wie die Menschen selbst. Die Wirkung von Cannabis hängt von ihrem eigenen Endocannabinoid-System, ihrem Gesundheitszustand, ihrer Krankengeschichte und ihren spezifischen Bedürfnissen ab.

Diese Website wurde eingerichtet, um verschreibende Ärzte bei der Entscheidungsfindung in Bezug auf Cannabisbehandlungen zu unterstützen. Unser Ziel ist es, Ihnen dabei zu helfen, eine qualitativ hochwertige Versorgung zu bieten und den Zugang zu Cannabisbehandlungen für bedürftige Patienten zu erleichtern.

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CanMed [FR] : La prescription médicale de cannabis et la détermination du dosage optimal nécessitent une approche personnalisée pour chaque patient. En effet, les réactions des patients au cannabis varient en fonction de leur système endocannabinoïde propre, leur état de santé, leurs antécédents médicaux et leurs besoins spécifiques.

Ce site a été créé dans le but d'assister les médecins prescripteurs dans leur processus de prise de décision en ce qui concerne les traitements à base de cannabis. Nous sommes déterminés à soutenir les médecins prescripteurs dans leur mission de prodiguer des soins de qualité et de faciliter l'accès aux traitements à base de cannabis pour les patients qui en ont besoin.

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PhytoXtract, a Swissmedic certified laboratory, offers an exceptional opportunity for pharmacies to subcontract the manufacturing of Magistral preparations. With their stringent adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) pharmaceutical standards, PhytoXtract guarantees unparalleled quality and safety. Pharmacies can confidently delegate the production of these specialized formulations, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. PhytoXtract's expertise in extracting and processing medicinal plants enables them to deliver meticulously crafted Magistral preparations that meet the highest pharmaceutical standards. This partnership not only streamlines the manufacturing process for pharmacies but also allows them to provide their patients with top-notch, customized medications backed by the Swissmedic certification, a mark of excellence in the pharmaceutical industry.

PhytoXtract is a Swissmedic certified laboratory, and we are pleased to offer our raw material contract manufacturing services to pharmacies and pharmaceutical laboratories. Operating under the stringent guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) pharmaceutical standards, we ensure the highest quality and safety of our products. By collaborating with us, pharmacies and laboratories can confidently outsource the manufacturing of their raw materials, knowing that they will meet regulatory requirements and adhere to the highest industry standards. Our expertise in extracting and processing medicinal plants allows us to deliver meticulously crafted raw materials that are reliable and trustworthy. Partnering with PhytoXtract enables pharmacies and pharmaceutical laboratories to streamline their production processes and provide their customers with exceptional products, backed by the prestigious Swissmedic certification.