Nowadays, there are many people suffering mentally and physically. For many, these limitations can become so severe that it is hard to live a normal life. In many cases, here is a lack of availability of effective and plant-based alternatives.

working on medical solutions

Today, PhytoXtract has more than 10 employees at its locations in Zurich and Geneva. It was one of the first companies to be licensed by Swissmedic for medical cannabis. The company meets the highest GMP and GDP quality standards and promotes access, innovation and research for pharmacies, hospitals and universities. PhytoXtract controls the entire value chain, from the sourcing of raw materials by Swiss organic farmers, to its own laboratory. PhytoXtract is strongly committed to promoting the health of people and the environment.

highest quality

PhytoXtract is specialized in swiss cannabis with growing, extracting & formulating, and analyzing. We comply with different quality standards such as technical grade, food grade and pharma grade with the requirement of GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices), according to the rules and regulation of Switzerland. We distribute medical cannabis in accordance with the requirement of GDPs (Good Distribution Practices).

medical cannabis

Regarding medical cannabis, the GMP rules apply for manufacturing finished pharmaceutical products and active substances according to the Swiss GMP Guidelines, the EU GMP guidelines, part I (pharmaceutical products) and/or part II (active pharmaceutical ingredients). PhytoXtract SA, with its cannabis specialized unit cannaxtrat labs, is contributing in making cannabis-based preparations fully regulated and integrated as part of the swiss pharmacopeia.

The process starts from the plant. The farmers should be able to cultivate cannabis (as well as other medicinal plants). Cannabis growing outdoor is subject to compliance with the GACPs (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices) requirements. These GACPs requirements are at the base of the quality assurance system and ensure the flawless quality of the plant raw material. Growing Cannabis indoor is subject to compliance with GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) as it is already a manufacturing process. With the qualified dry raw material, PhytoXtract Ltd produces further cannabis based raw materials according to GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) for the production of pharmaceuticals and cannabis based extracts and formulation typically used by pharmacies and other pharmaceutical related entity.

We further serve also other cannabis industry needs, such as technical grade and vape. These qualities follow a quality and tracking system linked to the requirements of each grade we formulate in-house for bulk, B2B, white label. We produce high quality CBD/THC ratios in Switzerland, such as extracts, and oils; full-spectrum, broad-spectrum.


large product selection and possibility to order custom-made products as needed


regular visits from our specialists, training and access to research and market update


commitment to environmental considerations from seed to sale