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Working on calming and channeling effects: find the balance, keep focused, regenerate. Benefit from antiepileptic anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant effects. Get creative, stay productive, have a natural sleep, .

PhytoXtract's Mission

We are a company MAKING PRODUCTS by using natural extracts as health-promoting agents and BUILDING the knowledge and awareness of the COMMUNITY around us.

We care about humans having healthy lives.
For all of us, between Body, Mind, and Spirit.
Everything we do comes from nature and goes back to nature.

Meet our Work

Passionately committed to protecting the health of our people, for our generation and the generations to come.


At CannaXtract, the goal is to develop CBD-rich products with  hemp extracts, which are legal as they low in THC. Our goal is to make them more accessible in Switzerland and Europe. We are very careful to produce high-quality oil, without any chemical residue.


CBD (Cannabidiol) is been recognized for its calming and channeling effects. This molecule provides many applications in the field of wellbeing for people that are: stressed, anxious, dispersed, agitated, and much more. Our blog is there to explain you all about it in simple terms.

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