This page summarizes the classification of the products on sale on this website for the Swiss market, and is as such an integral part of the general terms and conditions of sale for Switzerland. Accordingly, when a sale of products obtained on this website takes place, whether on Internet or in a shop, it is agreed between the reseller and the buyer that the following definitions are understood and respected. In addition, the products obtained on this website must not be the object of any publicity, nor any medical allegations. Finally to reduce risks and where applicable, we recommend products and inhalation methods that do not require combustion.


Description: This oil contains the essential oils of hemp (without any additions) in the form of a complete and natural extraction (lipids, terpene-phenols, cannabinoids (CBD(A), THC(A), CBG(A), CBC(A), CBN, etc.), terpenes). It also contains vegetable oil and comes in different dilutions. It is sold without any therapeutic allegations, nor any recommendation of usage.

Official classification: commercialised as a chemical product


Notice: In case of discrepancies or legal disputes, the meaning and spirit of the French version of this page shall be used to interpret the product classification.